Stephen rejuvenated our overall marketing. With no prior experience in the printing industry, he quickly assessed the market and developed an integrated marketing strategy comprising a new SEO-enhanced website, refreshed branding, customer research, buyer persona-based content marketing, and reactivated social media. This all came together in launching and operationalizing an automated inbound marketing platform. We highly recommend Stephen as a strategic marketing change agent who is also adept at executing across a wide range of marketing programs.”
— David Gagnon, President & CMO Allura Printing, Costa Mesa
Stephen accomplishes what he writes on paper. He dreams high and actually gets there!!! He is committed, responsible and works hard to make things happen. He has led the expansion of a great company into Mexico and he started to learn Spanish, the culture and to understand the how´s of Mexico City (one of the largest cities in the world). He has the drive to make things happen. He is creative, resourceful, trustworthy and success driven...We work together very hard to get to the goal...and I know that we couldn´t have accomplished what we did without the leadership of Stephen.
— Gustavo Pratt, Managing Director/Chief Creative Officer *asterisco healthcare communications, Mexico City

"Stephen is an outstanding executive who is effective at bringing "the outside in" to an organization, be it market trends, analyses or the voice of the customer, to help calibrate both market focus and message. He is a strong and nimble marketer who can also lead sales initiatives - a rare combination. Stephen's intellectual curiosity, communication ability, initiative and work ethic are exemplary. He is adept at creating and nurturing collaborative relationships with partners, colleagues and teams that deliver results."

- Nat Findlay, CEO Myca Health Inc, Québec City

Stephen is one of the most dynamic and effective marketers I have ever worked with, and that is saying something given the very talented people I have had the great opportunity to work with throughout my career. A tireless worker, he thinks very strategically and executes faster than the speed of business. This was critical at PCTS because the Healthcare IT market, and especially the emerging market segment we play in, evolves very rapidly.

He was instrumental in developing our corporate identity, foundational company messaging and brand strategies, and greatly elevated PCTS’ presence in the market by working hand-in-hand with our clients to get the message out on the compelling value and hard ROI our solutions delivered to them. Equally impressive, the volume of high quality work Stephen delivered could not have been accomplished without his resourceful innovation and passion.

He was sales team’s dream, swiftly and adeptly supporting their marketing needs in a continuously changing landscape. His drive for excellence enabled the PCTS Sales team to accelerate the customer acquisition process and articulate our differentiation in convincing fashion.

Stephen’s impact has and will be a lasting one on PCTS. He truly raised the bar. I enthusiastically endorse Stephen
— Jaime Ojeda, GM & EVP Client Solutions, Point of Care Decision Support, LLC, Minneapolis
Stephen was exceptional at sales and marketing for PCTS, managing both virtual and on-the-ground events for the organization. He utilized the emerging on-line services along with coordinating print, media and conference marketing elements.

He was masterful at targeting the use of search technology to direct potential customers to our web sites, marketing campaigns and conferences.

Fun to work with, collaborative and goal oriented, Stephen is one of the most capable professionals I have worked with.
— Scott Thompson, COO, Essette, Southern California
Stephen Armstrong has been a tremendous strength to our organization. His skill set, professionalism, on-time delivery of high quality work product, ability to anticipate needs and execute, as well as positive personality are tangible assets that have enabled us to achieve our goals and objectives.
— Dianne Vass, Executive Director, The Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation, California
My firm and I worked with Stephen and his Hello Health marketing team on the launch of a new concept in primary care medicine. It required an incredible combination of rigor and risk taking, and an understanding that the value proposition really was in the details. It was Stephen’s leadership, determination and willingness to get in the trenches with everyone that made the collaboration such a success both in outcome and journey. He is a consummate professional and a true marketer that knows how to get it done and how the worlds of BtoB and BtoC are both similar and decidedly different. No BS, just smarts, hard worker and a good guy. There you have it.
— Chris Colbert, CEO & Founder X Interface Design, Boston
Stephen is a seasoned marketing and PR expert — a true professional in every sense. Stephen has been an instrumental force in turning CliniComp into a market-driven company. Under his marketing leadership, the company has achieved great visibility and brand recognition through a highly targeted and integrated communications campaign. I highly recommend Stephen for any senior level marketing position
— Jodi Amendola, CEO Amendola Communications, Phoenix
Stephen was a vital hub around which PCTS revolved. From national meetings, webex demonstrations, personal conferences to professional frontline advertising his passion and committment was second to none. Stephen went beyond the expected to research and produce magnificent outcomes with product impact and brand-name recognition. HIs stalwart knowledge of the healthcare industry propelled PCTS to the forefront of RTLS and automatic tracking.
— Dr. Albert Villarin, CMIO, Staten Island University Hospital, New York
Stephen is an extremely knowledgeable marketing executive who has the ability to harness and integrate a wide spectrum of marketing programs to elevate brand visibility and recognition. He is a strong mentor who provides a perfect blend of encouragement and accolades to get the most out of his team. His experience within the healthcare technology industry is very impressive, and he constantly works to impart that knowledge to all colleagues for the betterment of the company. Stephen’s work ethic is top notch, and he strives for sustained excellence—a wonderful, infectious trait which elevates the performance of those around him. Stephen would be an outstanding senior level marketing addition, any company would be very lucky to have him on board
— Dean Orman, Marketing Communications Specialist, EMD Millipore, Southern California
As a result of Stephen’s marketing leadership, our company visibility has grown considerably, our message is more clear and is delivered with greater impact and consistency. He has improved our physician marketing effectiveness and brought new innovations to signing patients. Stephen is a tireless contributor who effectively leads his team by example and brings a “whatever it takes attitude” to his role. His knowledge of the healthcare marketplace and marketing are significant assets to our company
— Eliot Diamond, Director of Partner Development, The Studer Group, New Jersey
Stephen brings a great spirit of collaboration to managing the PR process. Beyond providing access to customers and internal company spokespeople, he was instrumental in helping the PR agency flesh out thought leadership positioning and trends that we could use as media fodder to increase company awareness. The on-message and on-target coverage supported the growth of Hello Health with both revenue customers and strategic partnerships.
— Nigel Smith, President Next Step Communications, Boston
Stephen is a world class business leader of high integrity and intellect who practices both the art and science of marketing to produce superior results. He is analytically driven yet one of the most creative problem solvers that I have worked with. He is a tireless worker with extremely high standards, yet he brings humor and a sense of enjoyment to the projects and teams he leads. He has a track record of success yet continually challenges himself to grow and improve. Stephen made all those around him better, especially me. I look forward to more great things from Stephen for many years to come
— Kevin Miller, President KMMP Media Group, New Jersey

I have known Stephen Armstrong on a professional, as well as a personal basis during our tenures at CliniComp International. During this time, I have found Stephen to be a person of the highest integrity, extremely knowledgeable in his professional specialty of marketing, and business planning, and very client service-oriented. He has earned the respect of his superiors, peers, colleagues, and subordinates, as a strategic-minded, hands-on, and detail-oriented senior manager, leading by example, working with all levels of personnel to achieve department and company operating objectives, in a proficient and productive manner.

Stephen provides a unique blend of long-term strategic thinking with exemplary common business sense. His attention to detail does not mean losing track of the overall company earnings and growth objectives. Stephen possesses a broad array of business, marketing public relations and sales related skills, and as a result, would be a very productive senior manager that can lead a company’s marketing and sales teams.

Stephen’s depth and breadth of experience extends across many related fields such as, business development, competitive analysis, market research, sales and customer relations, general marketing and operations, and leverages his expertise well. A consummate and dedicated professional, Stephen continuously demonstrates passion for his work, analyzing short and long-term organizational and operational goals and strategies.

I highly recommend Stephen Armstrong, and I am solidly confident that he will be a great contributor and valuable team member wherever a senior management opportunity presents itself.
— Jim Kesaris, Senior Finance & Operations Executive, San Diego