The degree of an angle is a function of the effort made to change the status quo.

I have had the privilege to market some of North America's favorite brands...Green Giant, Totino's, Pillsbury Biscuits, Crescent Dinner Rolls and Pizza Hut to name a few. It has been just as exhilarating to introduce new brands to the market whether it is an interactive place-based advertising medium (before we had ever heard of a tablet) or best-in-class software for health care providers. The market for your brand awaits!

Established Brands: Loblaws Supermarkets, Le Sieur®, Green Giant®, Totino's®, Pillsbury Biscuits, Crescent Dinner Rolls®, Pizza Hut®, Pizza Hut® Dine-In, Enterprise National Bank, CliniComp International®, Essentris®, Emergency Medicine Patient Safety Foundation, allura printing inc., Menemsha, Greater Irvine Chamber.

Emerging Brands: FunPad, Myca Health, Hello Health®, Big Cloud Analytics, Kura MD, Kura MD Cares

Brand Launches:  Totino's® Pizza Rolls, Hearty Grains, Chicken Topping (Pizza Hut), Fiesta Taco Pizza, Patient Care Technology Systems, Amelior®, Hello Health México®, MAPLE Business Council®

Markets: Canada, United States, México

Total Brand Revenue: $900,000,000



Market a brand. Market a region. Market a nation. There is something of each in co-founding an organization promoting investment, trade and entrepreneurship between two regions of over 60 million people across borders. Brand identity, event marketing, content marketing, membership marketing, social media and engaging businesses and governments from city, county, province/state and federal. A marketer's dream. Connect people and places. Curate ideas and innovations. Arms open wide.


Health care followed marketing damn-the-calories indulgences and led to the founding of a company, a brand and eight years of growth supporting caregivers with electronic documentation and real-time visibility solutions. Ameliorating workflow in emergency departments and perioperative suites. Hospital-wide asset tracking. Then came brand rejuvenation for mission-critical clinical information systems followed by disrupting a market with a cloud-based electronic health revenue platform.

Acute care. Ambulatory care. Primary care. Specialty care.

Marketing, business development, channel partnerships, sales.


America's best-selling pizza.
A Fortune 200 brand.
A five year marketing tour.

New Products, Calendar Marketing and Dine-In Division.
We launched the first new pizza topping in a decade.


Created the first recipe pizza just for dine-in restaurants - an
award-winning collaboration with Frito-Lay. Quarterbacked the execution of a brand restage that involved improving every ingredient and visiting every restaurants to share the passion. Never been done before marketing tactics. Proud winner of the CEO’s Big Cheese award.

 And yes sales grew.


10 years before the launch of the iPad there was FunPad. Hand-held, touch-screen, tactile feedback for gaming, built-in coupon dispenser, RF-enabled, place-based, advergaming content. Visionary and ahead of its time.

There was even a decoder ring. We weren’t too secret about it.

FunPad was an interactive experience to influence buying at point-of-purchase. Beverage brands, credit card marketing teams, interactive agencies, forward-thinking restaurant chief marketing officers united!


Do you remember your first brand?

Mine was a premium brand of canned peas with Québec roots - Le Sieur®. After veggies came crave-worthy frozen pizza and pizza snacks and later indulgent and buttery refrigerated baked goods.  Holiday staples like Crescent Dinner Rolls. From Canada to the United States.  A foundation not just for the 4 P's of Marketing but the 4 C's too. Tasting "Cold Canned Creamed Corn" in the test labs.

At 8am.