Hello I'm Stephen Armstrong. I'm a brand-builder. At The 360 Marketer I help organizations create, launch and nurture their brands by finding resonance with their target markets. It started with a 10 year foundation in consumer packaged goods marketing in Canada and the United States, after which opportunity, curiosity and serendipity enabled me to build brands in restaurants, new media, health care information technology and a non-profit business council. And whether the innovation was a game-changing new business or a line extension for a national brand, I have led high-performing marketing teams to understand markets, take businesses to new horizons, exceed customer expectations and create market impact. Sell more.




It all comes together today as marketing experience in 360 degrees. B2C, B2B, Fortune 200, start-up, internationally-loved global brand, blank sheet of paper. But whether collectively the marketing is measured by industry, geography or marketing focus, each brand is like an angle contributing to 360 degrees of experience with innovation as the radius and growth the outcome.

Together it is the power of marketing in 360 degrees.

What's your innovation?

Stephen Armstrong
The 360 Marketer